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Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is the culmination of my favorite type of story…Magic Realism.  There aren’t many other times in our lives that are quite so magically real as our wedding day.  As a wedding photographer in Denver, Colorado I get the opportunity to create a photojournalistic story of the magic, the light and the love that represents a couple’s relationship.  Every wedding is different and many unexpected events occur that I have the privilege of capturing in timeless photographs.  It’s as if a novel unfolds before my camera’s lens throughout the wedding portraits and during the ceremony.  As I ask each couple to tell me stories of how they met, where they went on their first date or their first kiss, their eyes glisten in the light as they look at each other with excitement enthusiastically brimming over at the hope of happy years to come.  Just like any great novel full of magic and excitement, the story isn’t complete without at  least a hint of tragedy or tension.  My own wedding day was fraught with worry, anticipation and apprehension as we weathered a true Denver Colorado blizzard.  Those tense moments make for wonderful wedding photographs and fantastic stories in the years to come.  Wedding photographers possess complete access to those behind-the scene-moments and an opportunity to reassure brides that their day will turn out wonderfully even through the unexpected detours.  This is why I love being a Wedding Photographer in Denver, Colorado.